- For Every Fall - Please Take A Look At Me... [EP 2005] -

  1. It's Not A Dream
  2. Only One Word
  3. Please take a look at me...
  4. Where I Belong

  Performed by:

  Sylvain Lacoursi�re : Guitar
  Pierre Luc Lacombe : Vocal
  Danny Brown Dion : Drums
  Justin Saintonge : Guitar
  Mathieu Saintonge : Bass


  It's Not A Dream

  You're there open mouth,
  Without expressions,
  Frozen by all the words,
  That I screamed,
  To let you pretend,
  The way I feel,
  And how I wish how it should be.

  I feel the tears,
  That my heart pushed away,
  Cause it's burning,
  Like never before,
  I'm dying for being cruel,
  And now I lost my mind.

  Have you lost your breath?
  I want to know,
  How you feel deep inside.
  Can you see the reality?
  You lost me and it's not a dream.

  Only One Word

  The blame behind this story,
  Lies in the words that you told me,
  Why did you use these bullets?
  You shoot me right through my head,
  You kill me with only one word.

  I'm standing here to see the end,
  I won't give up now,
  I'll not fall asleep without a reason,
  Why don't you crash?

  You use this weapon to hurt me,
  And I'm lost without any exit,
  My memories are so dark,
  Waiting for me to fall.

  Drifting away,
  I guess I have to pray,
  Knowing I mean nothing to you.

  Please take a look at me...

  September came so quickly,
  And I couldn't see you that much,
  Maybe it's the reason why,
  I can't go away,
  Without saying anything,
  But it's hard to disapear,
  When everything is done,
  I can't say good bye.

  Just tell me one more time,
  ''I'm gonna be there for you''
  Even if we are so far away,
  Were still both under the same sky,
  Please take a look at me,
  When I fall.

  September is now over,
  And I didn't see your eyes,
  And I won't forget you,
  I want you to come back,
  It's hard to believe,
  I can't wait one more night,
  Cause I miss you so much,
  I won't let you go.

   Where I Belong

  I didn't sleep last night,
  You erased me from this page,
  Why you wait so long?
  To walk away from me,
  Cause I belong in your arms,
  You can't leave me here..

  When will you see?
  What is inside of me,
  What I did for you.
  Was all I had.

  Your eyes said everything,
  You're scare about what is happening,
  Sorry for this hole story,
  For being what I am.
  Cause it's where I belong,
  To be in your mind..
  Now, your smile is so fake,
  Who are you now?
  If it's really you,
  Tell me that you changed.